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04/10/2018 8:27 pm  

Hi Mark! First of all id like to introduce myself. My name is Misty and ive been a Flat Earther for two years but started researching 3 years ago. I've been one of your Youtube subscribers for a year and a half. I read your book six months ago and didn't even know you were the author until I finished reading it! Superb! You explained things in a way no one else has not even Eric Dubay!

Second, i know your busy, busy, busy, but I emailed you 2 months ago about some very strange things and pics that I found on Antarctica via Google Earth. You didn't email me back. 

I wanted help figuring out some things like latitude and longitude of flat Earth. I found some sites but numbers are not my friend (lol) so having trouble figuring things out. I've seen no evidence of anyone who has discovered what I have. 

So, if your too busy to go over my "discoveries" with me i completely understand and if so can you kindly refer me to an accurate and easy to understand Flat Earth map so I can do some more research before making a video and looking stupid? 

Hope to hear back soon! 


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