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19/10/2018 1:27 am  

What can I say? I just recently started reviewing some FE stuff and it is one of those "things that make you go hmmm..." I live in the Pasadena area and woke up a week after a Pasadena/Arcadia meet up. The evidence presented on the video showing Chicago across the lake is fascinating!  I want to be able to see for myself an object that I should not be able to see over the curve. I live in the L.A. area and I'm hoping that there is someplace around here that this can be accomplished? I'm also hoping perhaps someone in my area has a P900 or P1000 would be willing to let me see for myself. Although all of the info that I have been viewing is compelling,  after being lied to all my life and accepting the reality of the world with which I was presented, I do now question the validity of the world being flat.


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