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    Cognitive dissonance is a very interesting phenomena. I belonged to a flat earth group where one wannabe debunker posted 6 pictures that she had taken of the distant horizon that she insisted clearly demonstrated the earth’s curve.
    I printed them out because I could see no curve. A steel drafting straight edge also failed to detect a curve!
    This girl, however, had no trouble seeing that curve!
    Have we been so thoroughly brainwashed that even our own eyes can betray us?
    I thoroughly understand how people can ignore the obvious in favor of the lies that have been forced on us from birth. But I’m 72 years old. It took me less than a month to become a true believer and enjoy the fact that I no longer had to hold on for dear life to avoid being thrown off into space! Of course, I was only taught this stuff, not totally drenched in it like today’s youngsters. What with TV, movies and games totally designed to give them everything that the “Big Bang” has to offer. Of course they don’t want to look at anything that would bust that bubble of instant gratification that they’re in!
    A scary aspect of CG is that it appears that the more intelligent a person is the more he/she is apt to fight his/her perceptions. Observations seem to be filtered through what they “know” and leave a flatty looking at the same thing saying “why bother!”.

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