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    The iss is reported to be cooled with ammonia, I have 35+ years in refrigeration and I can tell you the two types of refrigeration for ammonia, being mechanical and obsorbsion, neither would work. Mechanical would require 100+ hp to create the refrigeration they would need, obsorbsion uses ammonia, hydrogen and water which in parts of the cycle become aqua-ammonia meaning dilute and they had an ammonia leak awhile back that would rule out absorption as it’s a sealed, balanced system that’s critical of balance or the chemicals used. The electrolysis to create oxygen requires a electrolytic such as salts or other chemical that lowers the resistive conductance in the water, also low dc voltages are used typically 12v however very high amperage in the 30-40 amp range, for a system the size they would need would be huge demanding steady 100-200 amps and likely more and and volumes of water and steady cleaning and maintenance as the containing and reacting metal is stainless steel to lower corrosion, however one system wouldn’t work without a twin back-up.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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