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  1. Hello fellow Flat-Earthers,

    I'm new to the site - have no idea what's here or how anything works yet.  I've understood that the World is flat since early 2018.  My "conversion" period was a reletively short one - perhaps two weeks of intensive study - lots of downloading books onto my Kindle, and checking out sites, back before so many were shut down.  Perhaps I came around quickly due to my background in civil engineering and visualization.  I made the mistake of sharing with my wife, who insisted I get checked out by a psychologist.  I took some ridiculous tests, had a brief interview, and received an assessment after perhaps two weeks, asserting I had delusional disorder as well as bipolar disorder. Somehow, the bipolar disorder got tagged on as linked to the delusional stuff.   As a result, I had to sit through almost 9 months of nerve-wracking counseling.  Happily, my wife hasn't divorced me yet.

    I've recently moved from Santa Barbara, CA to Sacramento, CA.  I have no contacts, either in SB or SAC, and it would be nice to connect with someone, at some point in time.  I've felt very isolated on this issue.  Whoever you are, I relate to you, though I don't know any of you yet.  I'm, of course, familiar with Mark S. who seems like a great guy.  I'll go by 'Rockfleet'.

    Thank You - Rockfleet



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