• You live in an enclosed system
  • All videos are narrated for the sight impaired
  • All videos are closed captioned for the hearing impaired
  • Subtitles are available in any language through youtube
  • Start with the Flat Earth Clues Introduction
  • Full texts of the narratives are available on the transcripts page

Videos that will change your perspective forever.

Flat Earth Clues is a 12 part series that covers every aspect of the enclosed system we live in. From the space program to extreme weather expeditions, you can follow the clues to the truth which will change how you see the world around you.


Each video clue is not only narrated for the sight impaired, but closed captioned for the hearing impaired. To access this, please choose the CC option at the bottom of the youtube window.

In addition, subtitles have been added in every major world language. To access this, please refer to your default youtube subtitle language.

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Flat Earth Clues Introduction

Flat Earth Clues Part 1 - Empty Theatre

Flat Earth Clues Part 2 - Byrd Wall

Flat Earth Clues Part 3 - Map Makers

Flat Earth Clues Part 4 - Shell Beach

Flat Earth Clues Part 5 - Status Quo

Flat Earth Clues Part 6 - Depth Perception

Flat Earth Clues Part 7 - Long Haul

Flat Earth Clues Part 8 - Creative Force

Flat Earth Clues Part 9 - Magic Show

Flat Earth Clues Part 10 - Hiding God

Flat Earth Clues Part 11 - Souls in the System

Flat Earth Clues Part 13 - Disc Closure - Only at MarkSargent dot com

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